Unlicensed Sail Simulator 5 copies Wednesday, 05 June 2013 10:45

Dear Virtual Sailor,

There are unlicensed Sail Simulator 5 copies on the market. You can recognize these unregistered copies by the publishers name “IGS”.
IGS is no longer (since 2012) a publisher of Stentec Software’s Sail Simulator 5, Sail Simulator 5 Boat Set 1 and Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe Edition. Unfortunately IGS is still selling unlicensed copies of our software. If you purchased a copy from IGS, we advise you to return it to the store where you bought it.

Stentec has an activation system on all its products. This means that you will have to activate you product using your internet connection before you can play titles like Sail Simulator 5. The Sail Simulator 5 copies from IGS cannot be activated, and Stentec Software does not refund your money, or activate this copy for you. 
Understand that Stentec is not responsible for any IGS copy of Sail Simulator.

We would like to see satisfied sailors online using our software titles. So we hope you read this message before purchasing an IGS copy of our Sail Simulator 5.

If you want to know if your copy is legit, be sure to buy a copy from Stentec Software ( http://shop.stentec.com ), ICEBERG interactive ( http://www.iceberg-games.com/ ) or one of our registered dealers (http://www.stentec.com/wheretobuy ).

Thank you for your understanding.

Good (virtual) winds,

Team Stentec Software.