New Update Thursday, 19 November 2009 10:04

A new Sail Simulator 5 update has been released. Download the v5.1.4.0 update to continue online sailing.

Online racing with Sail Simulator 5 is easy and exciting. So, license holders, use the multiplayer game option and create your own account for joining the young Sail Simulator 5 community. Visit the multiplayer sessions to have a look at the races.

The first races with the new version have been sailed succesfully. Modifications to be mentioned:

  • Improved stability of multiplayer sailing and racing.
  • Blocking racing boats by non racers is not possible anymore.
  • Using the auto pilot is now also possible while online racing.
  • All reported bugs have been fixed.
  • More realistic wind shadow of land and boats
  • Leeward spinnaker sheet less tightened under automatic control.

Sail Simulator 5 is the best Christmas 2009 present for virtual sailors.

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